High school newspaper story:

This summer Bellevue West eight students have the opportunity to spend ten days touring Italy. This trip is taken every two to three years as a learning experience for students who have taken Latin, Philosophy or AP World History under the direction of teacher Bradley Nord.

“I take anybody who is my student. I have some of my Latin students and AP World History students. I also have some of my former students,” Nord said.

From June 5 to June 14 these students will go abroad and experience cultures different than their own.

“I chose Italy because of the safety of the country, it’s a destination many people want to go to anyways. Instead of just observing, the students can experience that culture,” Nord said.

This trip is funded entirely by the students themselves. The cost of the trip as a whole sums up to $4,200 per student.

Aside from working the rest of the summer to pay off the trip, students are excited to get the chance to tour Italy for two weeks.

“I’m most excited for the food. They have a lot of vegetarian options so I am excited for that. It’s just a beautiful place overall,” senior Erica Dalen said.

Nord let the students choose what country the students would like to experience. There were three different places the group could choose from.

“We got to vote on the trip between China, New Zealand along with Australia, and the last choice was Italy,” senior Brittany Schraeder said.

Although this trip is not necessarily affiliated with Bellevue West, it is meant to be a learning experience for everyone who attends. The itinerary for the trip takes the students to different places in Italy every day.

“I think some of the best ways to learn or comprehend the information in class is to experience it, so I offer a trip for students,” Nord said.

The students will start off in Milan and end with a full day of touring Rome.

“I am most excited for Venice because there is water instead of roads. It’s something different,” Schraeder said.

The handful of Bellevue West students going to Italy this summer are looking forward to the number of experiences they will gain from enveloping themselves in a different culture.



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