I had never been much of a concert junkie previously. I was always going to concerts that didn’t resonate with me, rap songs and concerts that started mosh pits. Let’s just say an atmosphere like that doesn’t go over well with an anxious person like me.

I had the pleasure of starting my Ben Rector concert experience with a meet and greet with Mr. Ben Rector himself. The most amazing part of those few minutes was not the fact that he answered my questions. It was not the fact that he took a picture with me. It was the moment I heard him sing, in person, along with his acoustic guitar. The voice I had sang along with on my playlists for years was now in the same room as me, authentic, and even better in person.

My personal time with Ben Rector may have been super short, but it didn’t matter. The whole concert felt personal. While he was performing, it was obvious that he FELT the music as he was singing. He would shake his leg or close his eyes, and it was apparent that his talent had not come from hours and hours of training, but simply a natural ability.


I began listening to Ben in the first place because of his authenticity. He writes songs that anyone can relate to. All of his songs tell a story.I remember I fell in love with his music while listening to the song “When A Heart Breaks.” I began listening to his complete playlist while unpacking my first college dorm room. His music helped me through some drastic changes in my life.

He doesn’t write songs to blow up his name or his ego. It’s obvious that he chose this career path because of his genuine love of music, not necessarily because he wants to be famous.

He appreciates his fans, he appreciates his band and he appreciates the art of songwriting.

{While they are all amazing} here are the top 5 Ben Rector songs that I recommend:

  • Forever Like That
  • Sailboat
  • 30,000 Feet
  • Like The World Is Going To End
  • The Men That Drive Me Places

He mentioned during the concert that he loves smaller venues. He likes the “living room feel.” I appreciate that. When you’re at a stadium filled with people, its hard to connect with the artist on a deeper level. And somehow, Ben managed to do just that.

{meanwhile, I will be anxiously waiting for the next Ben Rector concert..}


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