Creative Concept Rationale

The approach to the iBook is incorporating “You’re In with the Old” and to empathize with our audience with the concept to bring the old generation into trend again.  We are making the retro theme “cool” by making it new.  Apple is already a popular, big name brand that the millennial audience already view as trendy and dependable.  We believe that the iBook relaunch will connect with both a younger age group as well as the older.  The iBook will leave a bittersweet taste to older generations because it brings back their first experiences with technology.  It will make them happy to see their generation style cool and trendy.  On the flip side, the younger generations are all about retro and bringing back old fashion.  The iBook is a cool way to bring back simple, old technology their parents loved.  Apple is bringing the message that technology is always changing but tradition can still stay.  Apple uses this message to their advantage by connecting with its consumers at the emotional level incorporating tradition.  Since Apple buyers are already loyal to their products, this gives the company an opportunity to expand from new technology to traditional. This enables loyal consumers to take a risk with them.

A major strength Apple has against competitors is it has an army of loyal consumers that depend on its reliable and simple product.  Consumers will feel comfortable and cool while they try the iBook.  One of the weaknesses may be the price, considering it is more than a new MacBook Pro.  However, this can be explained considering there are many advantages, like accessible Wi-Fi everywhere you go.  Apple will need to explain and advertise to consumers the advantages of the iBook clearly.  Considering it is an old-fashioned styled product, they might not understand how tech-savvy it is.  The opportunity from the relaunch is our generation is going through a retro fad.  They want to be new and different, yet stick to tradition.  It is the perfect time to catch consumers.  A weakness will be explaining the product clearly and emphasizing all of the benefits coming from a simple old product.

The concepts promoting the iBook will get results by emphasizing the tradition and technology in a new product.  The “You’re In” broadcast clearly explains the benefits of the product.  It will also show the retro style and trendy colors that make the iBook attractive to our audiences.  The product is unexpected so that will create awareness and a buzz on its own.  Emphasizing that it is new and different will help generate this awareness.  Launching this during the holiday season is a strategy because it can be a gift to the older or younger generation.  Using different angles in advertising will be used to attract different generations.  Apple’s iBook maintains advanced technology while focusing on tradition and simplicity, making it the best of both worlds for users of all ages.

Creative concept snapshot:

Key insight:  We want to get the audience to see this as a way to bring the nostalgia of older technology styles back to this new generation.

Audience:  Millennial era & their parents, who grew up with the older forms of technology.

Main message:  Technology is ever changing, but your relationship with Apple doesn’t have to.

Target magazines:  Sports Illustrated, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, People, Forbes

Print mock-up:

 Headline:  You’re In With the Old

Subhead (if needed):  Apple brings in the nostalgic iBook

Visual:  A transformation picture.  A black and white picture of the old iBook in black and white on the left side, and a colorful picture of the new design on the left.

Body copy (with call to action): Reflect on the past no more. Sport a nostalgic Apple iBook style with accessible Wi-Fi everywhere you go. Technology is ever changing, but your relationship with your Apple products doesn’t have to.

Slogan: Carry a piece of the past

Sig (website, hashtag, social handles): #HookedOniBook #You’reIn #AppleNostalgicMovement

Title: iBook Relaunch Ad

Client/Sponsor: Apple

Length: 60 seconds

Air Dates: January 1 – May 1 2016

 Bold Announcer Voice:

 Apple’s one and only iBook turns it’s sweet 16 this year.

Just in time for the Holidays – Apple revamps and recreates the old

version of the iBook.

 You’re in.

 You’re in with Apple’s first own laptop with built-in LTE.

 That’s right.  You’re in Wi-Fi wherever you are.

 You’re in with Siri taking over your Google searches

 It’s in a one-click Apple Genius.

 You’re in with the skinniest model yet and serene screen…

 While maintaining Apple’s nostalgic style…

 What are you waiting for?

 Carry a piece of the past with you.

 Then you’re in.


Creative concept snapshot:

 Key insight: We want to get the audience to see this as a way to bring the nostalgia of older technology styles back to this new generation.

Audience:  Millennial era and their parents who grew up with technology

Main message: Technology is ever changing, but your relationship with Apple doesn’t have to.

Social ad mock-up:

Headline: You’re In With the Old.

Visual: Sponsored Facebook ad of iBook. Sponsored Tweet.

Call to Action (button):

Preorder your Apple iBook with the promo code PASTBLAST for 25% off your order.

Slogan: Carry a piece of the past

Sig (website or hashtag): #HookedoniBook #You’reIn #AppleNostalgicMovement


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