I have always been told I wasn’t a creative because I was more strategic. I wasn’t good at Math because I excelled in English. I wasn’t a competitor because I didn’t focus on winning. I wasn’t an athlete because I was a choir girl.

Recently, I have come to find that limitations are simply ideas you let yourself agree with. When you “can’t” do something, it’s because you have decided you can’t do it.

Here’s the deal: Everyone has more potential than they originally think. “You Can’t.” “You’re Not.” “You Won’t Be.” Those phrases need to be eliminated from your vocabulary. Limitations are not an option when it comes to your personal obstacles; it’s all about believing that you can.

Necessities to overcoming your “I Can’ts”:

〉 Internally address those concerns. Change your mindset. Address those comments that are burned into your memory. It’s not uncommon to have one in mind.  Allow yourself to come to the realization that you can achieve anything you really want to.

〉 Ignorance is the new confidence booster. Now, throw that negativity away. Stop reflecting on the ideas that will hold you back. Ideas are just that….ideas.

〉 Swing that golf club. I have always been told I am not much of an athlete. Shocker, right?

This month I was finally convinced to pick up a golf club. I was convinced to learn the stance, keep my eye on the ball and swing. Yes, I may have failed twenty times over, but eventually I made contact with that golf ball. The swing felt good, but the ball curved to the right.

I was frustrated at first, but then I realized… I never even thought I could even HIT the ball. And I did. I made contact with the ball, because I finally believed that I could.

〉 Keep swinging, even if you curve to the right. Because eventually, your drive will be better than anyone else’s.

Listening to what others believe you can or can’t do is one thing. Believing what they say is another.

You are only as limited as you let yourself be. I am still learning that myself. If you believe you’re incapable… you’re probably wrong.

Do us all a favor, and go test out that golf swing.



~inspired by: c.r.k.

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