Sometimes I wonder what the digital world would be like, if brands weren’t constantly trying to be the loudest in the room.

The digital landscape is full of noise; paid ads targeted directly to specific users, cookies that track what users click in order to target them further, brands trying to scream louder than their competitors with new and improved content. It’s almost impossible to reach users in a genuine way who might actually benefit from your services, because they are consistently being targeted by someone else.

Maybe, this noise is a good thing. What if the increased competition via digital marketing is pushing companies to be even better in order to stand out? Breaking through all of the noise is where digital marketing success comes in.

I find myself asking, however, what really makes a brand stand apart from the rest? Where is the connection between the word-of-mouth marketing that has been used for centuries and digital marketing?

It’s the sincere brands that follow through on the promises they are marketing. Building up a brand’s online reputation is where companies begin to stand out.

Boom. That’s where the success is. That’s the thing about the digital landscape, no one is going to give your brand the time of day unless you back yourself up – prove that your organization is different from those that are causing the same commotion for user attention. You have to promote your brand as a genuine brand, and then you actually have to live up to the reputation.

Ryan Erskine, a writer for Forbes, puts it perfectly in his article “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Online Reputation Management” when he states, “The reality is that we live in a search-happy world. Before anyone decides to do business with you, they first look you up online. And what they find can have a huge impact, for better or for worse.”

At the end of the day your competitors are on the same platforms, paying the same promotion costs, driving the same traffic. Brands today not only have to focus on being different, they have to acknowledge how they are different when there’s not a computer screen separating them and the user.

That’s the beauty of the digital landscape. You have to stick to the promise you are marketing to users. Reputability goes a long way with generating brand awareness. Follow-through shows whenever a user writes a testimonial about your company. Consistency is apparent when users discuss your brand on social platforms.

Sometimes I wonder what the digital world would be like, if brands weren’t constantly trying to be the loudest in the room. Then I realize, the genuine brands wouldn’t have a chance to prove themselves through that noise to create a real relationship with users who followed them regardless of the noise they were surrounded by.



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