Take a second to close your eyes and think about the major moments of your life. Maybe it was the first time you discovered a talent, or when you graduated from high school or college. Maybe it was the moment you fell in love or saw your child for the first time. Maybe you reflect on the leaps you have made in your career so far.

Now it’s time to analyze. All of these major moments have something in common – as they are flashing through your mind, do you feel as though you were moving forward in these moments? Yes, you were quite literally moving forward in time, but were you experiencing personal growth during those times? What about the times that you did not take a moment to think about, maybe times where you did not feel joy, happiness, or a sense of accomplishment?

Whether you’re building a business/career, developing relationships, or finding your own identity, I believe you will find the most success if you always keep the idea of forward movement, and climbing to greater heights in the back of your mind.



Set a weekly plan, and stick to it. Follow through on your commitments, and allow yourself to be busy without overdoing it. Make time for yourself, and the people you love.


As difficult as it may be, aim to keep a positive attitude even when you don’t feel like it. Trying to find the positive side of a negative situation will always be beneficial rather than harmful. Positive thoughts have proven to improve your work and your health according to James Clear, writer at Forbes. Read more about the science of positive thinking here. 


Take time from a busy day or week to reflect. Think about things beyond the surface level, away from any distractions. Reflect, and grow on your reflections. Building upon your own insights will push forward movement.


Think of your forward movement like climbing a mountain: it will start off fun, your excitement will set in as you envision the adventure you are about to accomplish. Fast forward to 30 minutes later (maybe 20 in my case), you are drenched in sweat, anxious about the heights you are climbing to, and beyond exhausted. You’ve never had to climb this high before.

You continue climbing, you consider going back down, you question your athleticism. You look at the people around you and wonder why they suggested hiking up a mountain. You grudgingly continue on.

Then, something happens. You see the top of the mountain. The peak of your accomplishments. You become more excited than you were at the bottom of the mountain, even though you have 100% less energy and have experienced 10x more angst.

Think of the mountain as your goals, one on top of another, piled up for you to accomplish. To answer your question, yes…it’s tall. Think of your hike as the idea of forward movement. It will not be easy every step of the way, you may want to quit, and (warning) the more stress you are under the sweatier you might get. Think of your fellow hikers as your peers, coworkers, and loved ones. They are your support system, the ones you lean on when you feel like quitting. Think of the top of the mountain as finally achieving the goals you have set for yourself.


This climb, if you persevere, will be the best of your life. You may even want to climb another mountain eventually. Maybe the next mountain will be even higher.


What are some mountains you have climbed? This could be figuratively or literally. COMMENT below, I’d love to hear from you.

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