As college is starting up again, I have enjoyed taking on what being a junior in college has to offer, whether it’s renting a home, going to work or being a college student. Here’s what I have learned so far.

be resourceful

If you don’t feel like going to the grocery store, you probably have something you can whip up in your pantry. For example, you can probably live off of sandwiches for a week or so. Yummm.

take notes, most of the time.

Even if it feels wrong to read and take notes on material you will end up learning the next day through a long lecture, do it anyways. If you have time. Sometimes a nap might take precedence, but try to be productive.

give yourself time for netflix. 

Because without it, you’ll go crazy. Everyone needs a little Michael Scott in their life.

always write in your planner. this is not a drill. 

If you are like me, you will forget everything. Write things down, even though it will change a thousand times over. If you don’t you might forget to buy your best friend Husker football tickets. Don’t do that.

make time for the fam and the significant other.

My family is always a great stress-reliever. Give your favorite people attention even if it feels like you are in over your head. They will even do your laundry, cuddle with you and make you food.

when you think there’s a bad guy in your house, grab your roommates and conquer. 

Chances are, someone just left the door open. Take the safe route though, and walk around the house with knives.

be active. 

After you take a nap, go for a run. Burn some calories, it will make you a happier and skinnier person.

check your email like text messages.

If you don’t you might show up to a class that is cancelled. Even worse, you might show up to your earliest class of the day that is cancelled.

have a job you enjoy. 

Even though you are in college, or even for the grown-ups out there, have a job you enjoy. It’s a place where you spend a lot of time, it’s a place that pays you, so get the best experience out of it. Hangout with people you like, rock out on projects that fit you.

enjoy your friends.

College flies by, and sooner rather than later everyone will be adults with real jobs and families. Take advantage of the late night doughnut runs while you still can…I know I am.

studying is cool.

Try to enjoy your major. Believe it or not, you are actually learning some pretty cool stuff. You’re also meeting some pretty cool people. You may not use that math class ever again, but you might just gain a North Dakotan friend out of it.

don’t freak out when your roommate sees a mouse.

Find a nice boy to come kill the mouse for you. Occasionally check that mouse trap even though you might see something gross. Then, when the mouse is finally dead… the boy to come and throw it out. Or do it yourself because you are an amazing independent person who can do anything.


(We called the boy.)

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