Define who you are. Develop a presence.

I came up with these phrases as I was in the process of recreating my blog a year ago. I wanted to repurpose my writing into a space that would be my individualized digital fingerprint. You’ll see these two phrases throughout my website a lot, and while they are not bold and overstated, they are important. I would like to tell you why this motto matters so much to me, and why I feel it could apply to anyone.

It seems as though everyone goes through a few stages of self-doubt or confusion throughout the course of their lifetime. Am I attractive enough? Is this the right career path for me? Am I being a good parent? Did I make all of the right decisions? Am I smart enough?

First of all, completely normal. Secondly, we deserve to fight our own self-doubt to reach and gain confidence.

Define who you are. Not only should we develop our own personal definitions, but we should embrace them. We need to explore what makes us different. Everything that makes us different, from the way we read books, to the way we interact with others, to the way we analyze and think.

I used to think that because I idolized someone or something, I needed to aspire to be just like them. Boy, was I wrong. In all honesty, I was much cooler being my overly-positive, awkward, stay-in-and-eat-chocolate kind of self than I was being a clone of an aspiration.

So I figured out who I was, I defined who I was, and I still strive to discover more about myself each day.

Develop a presence. Now, we make our mark. We leave a dent on this world with a complete piece of us, our presence. This could be in extreme or minuscule ways. I decided to create a presence through a blog, but there are so many outlets where you can leave your mark. The thing about this is, you are in charge of the impact of your presence. Whether it be for yourself only, or to share with others, the significance is in the development.

We spend everyday fighting the battle within. The inward war that happens every time we aspire towards something different from ourselves, or develop a sense of self-doubt. I don’t expect your life to change through a blog post written by little old me, but I do think you should consider your own personal impact. It may really benefit you, and those around you more than you realize.

Define who you are. Develop a presence.

In my opinion, you are better than the person you would rather be.


One thought on “It’s all about defining who you are, and developing a presence

  1. You are wise beyond your years, Chloe! As a rather short person I have chosen to take advantage of that and make it part of my presence. I am also rather opinionated and stick to what I believe. I have chosen to have both of these define who I am … Short and Sassy!

    Love Grandma ❤️

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