We can discuss digital strategy and social media every hour of every day, and we will always come to the same conclusion. Depending on your goals, whether you are promoting individually or for an organization, who you are trying to target, why you are trying to target them, you have to find a strategy that works for you… and only you. 

It’s going to be slightly different for everyone, so it’s okay to take risks, experience trial and error. There is not one way to experience success online, and your success will falter if you continue to play it safe. If organizations or individuals try to copy best practices they find, then never change it up when it doesn’t work, they may not find success if the strategy isn’t chasing what is best for their goals.

Social media plays a huge role in your digital strategy, retention on your website, and your overall identity online. An article by the Digital Marketing Institute stated something that stuck with me. Simple, yet difficult to achieve and realize:

“Ultimately, the purpose of your chosen social media channels to is support the achievement of your strategic goals.” 

Achievement. Not just push content out there, but achieve strategic goals. You have to define what your achievement will look like. Give yourself a goal you have to push yourself for.

You can read more about determining the best digital strategy for your social media goals here.

Warning: I’m about to use a very cliché quote, but I think it applies to what I’m trying to say perfectly. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Unknown

So, don’t be insane.

My point is, you and your business are completely unique, and your digital strategy should be too. Push what works for you to drive leads, meet objectives, and have an awesome digital presence. Conduct A/B testing, have the ability to admit when something doesn’t work, take a risk, evaluate, then do it all over again. Avoid digital insanity.

You have to do what works for you, your digital success depends on it.

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