Let’s get down to the bottom of this blog.

I have been writing more consistently lately, and I think it’s because I’m at this crazy-cool time in my life where I’m constantly learning, and taking in everything that I am feeling/experiencing. I want to take a minute to explain the purpose of my blog.

I am not here with the mindset that my way is better than anyone else. Cockiness to me is equivalent to putting my hand on a hot stove-top…[true story, unfortunately] completely pointless and extremely painful to experience.

I think everyone has something about them that is a little unrealistic, but admirable. My beautiful Grandma Carol for example, wants to clean something until it reaches absolute perfection. Yeah, it looks pretty and clean and smells like lavender, but those germs are still going to be there. [We tried with my shower Grandma, I just try to ignore the fact that boys used to live there.]

For me, I have a really difficult time being negative, facing the music that sometimes there’s not a positive spin I can put on things. I couldn’t tell you why I am like that, it is just how I am wired. I don’t like to dwell on negativity because I see people every day who have had every reason to give up on life and they haven’t. Why would I sit here and complain when they don’t? That is so inspiring and cool. [Share some stories with me, I’d love to hear them!]

I know I am blessed and privileged. I know I haven’t been through half of the unfortunate situations that some people my age have. Or even people in general. The reason I work so hard is to prove that I am worthy of all of the blessings I have been given in this life. I’m positive because I have no real reason not to be. But, that doesn’t mean I am always right in doing this.

I have to tell you, there are people who have it all, and they are still filled with negativity. I’ve never understood the point in that, I mean you have a 5 car garage for goodness sakes. I’ll take the Porsche. Vroom Vroom.

My point is, I may live my life one way, but who I am goes way deeper than weekly blog posts. Who you are goes way deeper than reading these blog posts written by a 20 year old girl who is still trying to figure it all out. Always continue to be who you are, and to think the way you think. Especially if it differs from me. That’s probably why I like you so much. Everyone has something about them that may be a tad unrealistic, but awesome at the same time. It’s okay to accept imperfection with a smile on your face. Humility is key.

Thank you for the constant support and feedback on my work. The appreciation from this end is so strong. I will always strive to be a real, imperfect, honest thinker with a drop of over-positivity here-and-there, because what’s the point in fighting it?

At the end of the day beautiful folks, I can give you my thoughts all I want, but take each message with a grain of salt and know that your way…is the RIGHT way for you.


Love always,


One thought on “It’s all about doing it your way

  1. A very special article, Chloe. I love your insight into being the best person you can be with what’s inside you – how you think – how you react – how you respond to the many positive and not so positive things in your life. Always choose the positive approach. Not everyone will agree – but will respect your reasons for the choices you make. I love you very much! Grandma Carol

    PS – your shower has all the previous inhabitants completely scoured and bleached away. Enjoy the lemon-fresh experience!

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