I’m standing at the sink doing my dishes when I realize…Why am I in a good mood? I’m doing my dishes right now. An act I don’t necessarily love doing, but is something that needs to be done.

I’ve realized one of the most significant aspects of my personal happiness has been directly influenced by my love of doing my “day-to-day.”

Your day-to-day is inevitable. There are always little tasks here and there that we as functioning adults in society are obligated to accomplish. I’ve noticed there is a really negative connotation about having to accomplish absent-minded duties throughout a normal day.

I’ve thought about this a lot, and I can’t pinpoint how this stigma began, but in my opinion I’ve found that there really is no point in viewing these tasks negatively.

Paying the bills, cleaning the house, doing your homework, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, taking out the trash, responding to emails, wiping the floors, stopping at the grocery store, cooking. Day-to-day. 

What is so wrong with these actions?

In my mind, the task has to get done whether I enjoy it or not, so I choose to make the day-to-day as enjoyable as I can. Think of it this way: you can look at a pile of dishes you have to clean and say, “Wow I really don’t want to do these dishes,” or you could completely switch your mindset. When I look at a task like that, I try to think of it as a meditation of sorts. Rather than wasting ten minutes sitting on my phone, I get to disconnect, accomplish something, and process my thoughts.

Yes, sometimes the day-to-day is time consuming, sometimes you don’t have time for it, sometimes it’s the last thing on your mind. That’s okay too. The mindset switch, however, is important.

I truly believe choosing to enjoy the day-to-day is the key to a healthy mindset and a happy life. And it can be a choice. You have the power, to an extent, to control what affects you, and how it affects you.

Your day-to-day will take up a majority of your lifetime, and living for the now is so important.

Enjoying the little things, even the tedious things, messy things, and the stressful things will make your more significant excitements shine so much brighter.


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