People always ask me why I am working so hard at my age. I’ve thought a lot about this question, and I think I finally have an answer.

My career is not an issue of age, it’s a representation of how hard I am willing to work. I am not someone who can go through college, hoping that I land that one dream job someday. That’s not a bad way to live, but for my personal expectations, it doesn’t work that way.

I don’t want that lucky “big break.” I want to enter my dream position knowing full well that I have met my goals, and worked hard to prove to myself that I deserve to be there. When it comes to my thirst for knowledge and a dream career, I want to know as much as possible. To learn as much as possible. To grow…As. Much. As. Possible.

Right now, as an almost 20 year old, is my window to reach my fullest potential. To work my ass off, so that one day I can answer difficult industry questions without a second glance. This is something I am so passionate about, and while I may not get as much sleep as a college student should, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I would like to encourage late-high school and early-college students to go out and get want you want out of your career. Age doesn’t matter, availability of positions doesn’t matter. Forget your age, forget the circumstances, just reach out to industry professionals and network. There is no harm in putting your name out there. There is no harm in applying for positions where they might tell you that you are too young…too inexperienced.

I have learned that you have to start somewhere, and there is always someone willing to mentor you and take a chance on your skill set. I am still discovering new mentors and connections to this day, and I have had several internships under my belt.

The point is, in your work or personal life, be hungry for what you want despite numbers and circumstance. Strive to grow yourself as a professional and a person at the same time. As long as you are working hard towards your aspirations, there is really no wrong way to improve yourself.

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