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I’m at this really cool age where I get to develop myself, yes, but I also get to watch my peers beat down doors to develop their identities.

Sure, in our early 20’s we have a lot of time to get things figured out – but I’ve seen so much growth from my equals lately, I am convinced the now is the prime time for personal growth for students graduating in the next few years.

It takes a long time to confidently know what you are talking about, and while eventually professionals will have expertise in what they are doing, there should always be movement to progress and strengthen skills.

I’ve worked an internship for 10+ months now. I’m lucky, it’s real work, sometimes stressful work because I want to exceed the expectations of a typical “intern.” I love every second of it. Just this month, however, 10 months later, I feel like I am finally finding an independent groove and a voice. I am fighting every single day to hone my craft and grow a little more every time I walk into work. I’m fighting a good fight.

No, it doesn’t happen overnight. That’s unrealistic. And frankly, the most determined individuals will never be fully satisfied, which will only lead to more growth.

I want to mention my peer and friend Drea Torres for example. I have featured her on my blog before for a self-love blog she created called Psithurism. I’ve always been impressed by her work and drive as she has navigated the ins-and-outs of starting a business, finding a voice, and developing her skills.

Well, Drea and I decided to meet up for a fun little photoshoot, (for this blog and for her craft, but mainly just to catch up). I’m still trying to process the amount of growth she has encountered in the past year and a half with her photography skills. I’m going to provide you an example. The picture on the left was in 2015, and the picture on the right was a few days ago.



While both are great, there is significant difference in her skill-level, even a year and a half later. And you know what? That kind of progress and growth does not happen by simply repeating the skill over and over again. It requires hard work, diligence, honest critique, and determination. The funny part about it is she made it look effortless. Here is to you, Drea.

Drea is one example of many that I have seen this year alone.

The takeaway from this if you are a reader who is around my age: take advantage of your network and the tools around you. The best time to hone your craft is now, and the best way to hone your craft is to get started, and never stop.

To those of you who have already mastered your craft: push the younger individuals around you to find growth in themselves. It could really make the difference if someone instills the confidence in them to succeed.

I’m at this really cool age where I get to develop myself, yes, but I also get to watch my peers beat down doors to develop their identities… and that’s worth talking about.


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