The craziest place in Nebraska consists of loud music, screaming fans, corn hats and a sea of red.  Memorial Stadium on game day turns every city in Nebraska into a ghost town, occupying the bars, house parties and the stadium itself. Every fan walks with pride representing their red in support of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Cornhuskers.

Yes, Nebraska goes crazy for college football, and that’s what makes our state so special.

There is a certain pride in how Nebraska fans support their beloved team. The team doesn’t need to be professional athletes to receive recognition. They don’t have to play a perfect game to continue selling game tickets. Husker fans are special, because we treat the game as a way to stand together and represent the beautiful state we live in. We may not have the best record, but we have dedication and soul… and that is what sports should be about.

Standing on the field once a game has ended is my favorite part of being a Husker as well as a Husker Athletics employee. After working in the Husker Vision control room, I head downstairs and hold up my press pass. From the moment I step onto the field, I am in my own world. What once was a stadium full of screaming people, is now the most peaceful place on earth. The only sound I can hear while standing on that 50 yard line is the howling of the wind, and the crunch of the field as I walk on it. Being a Cornhusker is hard to explain, but once you stand on that beloved, empty field, or cheer with Nebraskans from the stands of Memorial Stadium, you just don’t need an explanation anymore.

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