I’d like to consider myself a pretty intelligent, responsible person. I also consider myself a complete klutz and the occasional scatter-brain as well. (Don’t talk to me if I’m not looking you in the eyes, I’m probably not paying close enough attention…seriously.)

Sometimes the moments where you aren’t 100% perfect or on your game, can lead to pretty great adventures and new perspectives.

For example, I’d like to give props to my roommate, T, who didn’t slap me when I woke her up at 5:45am this morning asking her to go to a park with me to recover my steps from the previous day. Keep in mind it was dark, we had been talking about these ridiculously creepy clown sightings in the Lincoln area the night before (I cry whenever I think about it), and we had gone to bed pretty late.

Even though she had been dead asleep 60 seconds before, T stood up and said “Okay! Let me put pants on!”

Most people would have attacked me for interrupting their beauty sleep then gone back to bed, but not her. She stood up and was ready to go, regardless of how tired she was or how extreme the request.

20 minutes later, we tried to get out of my car and this poor man on his morning walk scared us half to death. I screamed so loud when I saw him. Emotions were running high, people.

Anyways, pushing through the fear, we sprinted through a pitch black park with only our phone lights to guide us. Even when we saw a bridge (extremely creepy) (thought of clowns instantly), and initially wanted to turn around and say “NOPE,” we kept going.

We were laughing and crying the whole time. It felt like we were running around that park forever. I’m surprised I didn’t run into a tree to be completely honest.

It was stupid, random and super creepy, but fairly harmless. It was also the highlight of my day. It was so. much. fun.

 How many moments like that do we miss out on by saying no to things? By allowing what others expect of us control what we really want out of life? By living through social media and basic conceptions of the popular way to be or live. By being perfect, all of the time?

Probably a lot. And I’m guilty of this too. But today, I wasn’t. And it felt good. Maybe I should run through a scary park more often.

Well, maybe not…. but you get the idea. 😉

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