Here are ten ways to know you have quality friends in your life.

1. You don’t remember how you got close; you just did.

Looking back, you cannot pinpoint an exact time when you connected with this person. You just became inseparable somewhere along the way. 

2. You don’t have to dress nice around them.

You can look like a complete mess around them and they don’t make you feel any different. “Want to go out to eat?” “Do I have to look cute?” 

3. They make you blueberry tea when you are sick.

When you are coughing and have a sprained ankle, they will make you tea and laugh about your problems with you. 

4. You tell them you want to adventure, and they will be right there with you.

You have an urge to explore the world, and you don’t even worry about experiencing that alone. Italy? France? Germany? You got it. 

5. Your accomplishments are their accomplishments. Your heartbreaks are their heartbreaks.

A true friend will be there for you during some of your greatest accomplishments. Most importantly, however, a true friend will share your heartbreaks with you, and be there when things aren’t going your way.  

6. Your closet is their closet.

Before you go shopping you automatically check your friend’s closet first. A true friend will be more than excited to dress you for any occasion. 

7. You don’t have to party to have a good time with them.

Memories can be made without the party scene. You can have fun with them by sitting around talking about life. 

8. They will do FBI quality research for you when you are concerned about something.

Going through a breakup? Crushing on a cute peer? A true friend will make sure you know every detail about any situation you are curious about. 

9. They don’t correct you on your bad grammar.

Even if your friend is a grammar freak, they will let you think you’re right because they know you hate being corrected. The point is, a true friend is willing to be wrong for your sake. 

10. You can talk to them about anything.

You don’t feel scared talking about your concerns with a true friend. You keep communication completely open, and you trust them with everything. 

Quality friends are not easy to find, but they are worth the search. Appreciate the true friends you have in your life, and try to be that person for someone else. Who knows, you might just get some blueberry tea out of it.

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