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Strategizing is all about thinking two steps ahead, maybe three. You always want to have a plan A, B & C, because 90% of the time you will end up resorting to plan C in some capacity.

Here are some things you can do to strategize on the daily!

Develop a vision 

Don’t go into anything blind. Build up a passion for a project/job that will help you create a vision for it.

Allow yourself to be creative

It’s okay to do things that have never been done before. That doesn’t mean the idea is flawed, it just means no one has been courageous enough to do it.

Write things down

I forget almost everything, if I didn’t write things down I would be screwed. Write down your ideas, develop a timeline if that will help you. Organization is cool, kids. Buy a cool planner or something!

Be open to help

Believe it or not, other people have awesome ideas as well! Listen to them, take them into consideration, it could make or break a project.

Follow through

Don’t just think of ideas, execute them. Take the extra step to get the job done.

Get excited!!!

With passion and purpose comes motivation. Get excited about whatever you are doing. Get others excited, too. Everything else will come with ease.

Strategize the best way you know how. All you need is effort.


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