I know what you’re thinking. A clique? Who would want to be a part of one of those?

The term clique has a pretty negative connotation, but in reality it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Your clique is your group of friends, the people who are closest to you. The ones who help you define an identity at different points in your life. The people you fight and make up with. The people you aspire to be and share important aspects of your life with.

You can have many different cliques. Your class clique, your sorority clique, your roomie clique, even your family clique.

I’m very appreciative of my ‘roomie clique’ today, and here’s why.

They are the people I spend all of my time with. We share a space; therefore, our lifestyles tend to overlap quite a bit.

Yes, there are some days where we are “han-gry” (adjective: so hungry that you are angry), and there are days where we argue over who took out the trash last (usually me), but at the end of the day we can sit down and watch American Horror Story together. Plus, we always make amazing food and eat together daily.

(When I say we, I really mean my other roommates…)

I’m especially thankful today, because this clique of mine has been helping me struggle with my consistent back problems. That’s a story for another day, but the issue results in me not being able to workout as of right now. You don’t realize how much you appreciate working out until that privilege is taken away from you, let me tell ya.

So while I’m sitting here disappointed that I can’t make it to the gym, they proposed a solution. And here’s the kicker: they are doing it with me.

Last night on the first nightly walk of what will be many, (should we buy matching sweat suits?) we talked about how we wanted to live healthier lifestyles. Not just a 3-week diet, but a whole new lifestyle. A completely different way of eating, and ways I can stay active without straining my back until it is fixed.

It’s always easier to conquer something like that if you have people who influence you to be better every day.

I thought that was pretty significant, because while no friendship is perfect, in the craziness of life a solid group of friends will have your back (literally) through everything.

Never lose sight of how important the little ‘Cliques’ in your life are. No matter how busy you are, or how minuscule it may seem at the time compared to other responsibilities.

Show appreciation always…as the good ones help to define your identity and can even cheer you up when you’re down.

2 thoughts on “It’s all about your cliques

  1. You are so correct about the cliques, Chloe. They have many different name; bridge friends Friday friends, Monday’s friends, traveling friends , high school friends, and perhaps most importantly family. All of our cliques are the basis for a support system that helps us become who we were meant to be.

  2. You are so smart and such a good friend to so many, including your dear old mom! I love you more ❤️

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