Entertainment lovers used to look forward to cuddling on their couches each week at the same time, watching their favorite shows unfold in front of them. They loved the excitement of it all: planning their day around their show, as well as the hook at the end of each episode. This hook always left the viewers wanting more. The whole experience became a treasured weekly routine.  Unfortunately, relationships with cable television suddenly came to a halt and they left that entertainment outlet for the next best thing… Netflix.

Netflix junkies, take note. Now you have more shows to watch, juicier seasons to feed the addiction and most importantly: binge watching has been trending.

The invention of Netflix has caused a world wide culture change when it comes to entertainment. Viewers in the past would have to plan activities around their scheduled show times, but not any longer. Netflix has proved to be a tool of convenience for entertainment lovers, who can now watch their favorite shows whenever they want, for an undetermined length of time.

Netflix is a great tool for college students because it is an affordable form of entertainment. Viewers only have to pay between $8-12 a month based on the type of plan they sign up for. As of 2015, Netflix has made up to 100,000 titles available to subscribers. With those numbers, subscribers are guaranteed to get what they pay for.

Quality vs quantity is still an important factor when making any purchase. Not only does Netflix provide entertainment around the clock, the website provides quality shows and movies to watch. Whether it is an action movie or a romance series, highly ranked titles are added to the Netflix queue on a monthly basis.

Netflix may have pulled at our emotions with thousands of titles this year, but it also fulfilled subscriber’s binging needs. Whether it’s an older show with amazing potential, or a show currently playing on TV, Netflix knows how to provide quality entertainment at an affordable price.


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