Think about it. There is one person out there that you have trust more than anyone in this world…

{Okay, that might be a little over-dramatized, but this relationship does require a lot of trust.}

Your hairstylist. This individual is directly responsible for how you look, how you feel and how sane you will be for the next 6-8 weeks.

Honestly, as I have looked at this profession from a non-client perspective, it’s become obvious to me how underrated this profession is. This is the person you trust with your daily self-esteem, who you vent to about life, who you expect to read your mind whenever you want to spice up your look. (Pinterest never gives them something easy to work with).

These professionals are awesome. They make us feel pretty and wash our hair for us.

When your hairstylist went to hair school, they worked long hours to receive training on dyeing, cutting and styling hair. They did not necessarily learn how to listen to client problems, give neutral advice while focusing on making you look good.

So, I’d like to take this first Profession Spotlight to thank all of the hairstylists out there who make us look/feel pretty, who listen to our crazy demands and our life issues. You are appreciated, because without you…our ends would look terrible.


Profession Spotlight: Let’s explore other professions and appreciate the work that goes on within industries outside of our own. 
Inspiration: My hair-stylist, Sonjia Shuurmans & my aunt, Debbie Wright.
Photo by: Drea Torres

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