Followers of my blog know that I am all about positivity, passion and a little creativity. I found all of this and more through the Become Etsy shop. Here are my thoughts:

Giving gifts is a very personal thing, but there are a TON of occasions out there that require gift-giving traditions. Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, House Warming, Weddings, Babies…. You name it, there is a potential gift giving situation within it.

I am not the kind of person who enjoys giving or receiving gifts that will just end up in a box somewhere, (if it’s not sentimental or practical, I’m super bad about that…) and this holiday season I found a solution to my gift giving problems.

BECOME. This Etsy shop changed my holiday season shopping completely. I was able to give two of my long-time friends a personally designed, meaningful gift at a very affordable price:


I don’t foresee this gift getting thrown in a box somewhere any time soon. I talked to the owner of this Etsy shop, Brooke Jacobi, and asked her what her purpose was behind her little corner of the Internet.

“Become’s purpose is more than design. It’s about constantly believing in yourself and growing each and every day. We all have our own purpose in this life, and it’s not easy to find your way. The work that I do is one step towards seeking my purpose in this life. My goal for Become is to inspire others and communicate the beauty of this world through a small dose of design.” Owner & Designer, Brooke Jacobi said.

I realized something. Not only was I creating a personal gift for my best friends, I was also pushing a designer to her creative capabilities, and I was definitely in good hands.

“I like to create things, and I like to make people happy. I’d be lying if I said I overcame doubtfulness and uncertainty, but I am always striving to become who I was made to be. Through Etsy, I am able to serve others while also developing and strengthening my hobby. This is how Become came to be.”

The next time you are planning on giving a gift to someone, consider looking at this Etsy shop, at Become, to create something meaningful.

Also, because this shop is so awesome, here is a free download for you!


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